Southeast Tennessee Development

Regional Connectivity

Regional Connectivity

Transportation and mobility are major concerns for the region.  Our economy depends on rapid, safe, and efficient movement of people, goods, and services—a necessity which is threatened by the region’s geographic hurdles, congested bottlenecks, and outdated infrastructure.  Our region ranks in the top 10 nationally for volume of freight traffic, 80% of which is pass-through and does not stop in our region.  Less than 1% of the region’s population utilizes public transportation.  Gentrification is displacing low-income residents with few transportation options.  Biking carries significant safety risks in many places.

Average Commute Times

Commuting patterns reveal a region that is on the move: over 146,000 people cross a county line on their way to work. In addition, nearly 40,000 Georgians work in Tennessee, while almost 16,000 Volunteers work in the Peach State.

Priority Transportation Projects

The Southeast Tennessee RPO and region’s mayors have identified the following projects as priority regional transportation needs. These projects will improve safety, reduce congestion, and increase regional connectivity.