Wilson County Substance Prevention Coalition
Lock Your Meds®

Lock Your Meds® is a national multi-media campaign designed to reduce prescription drug misuse by making adults aware that they are the “unwitting suppliers” of prescription medications being used in unintended ways, especially by teens and young adults.

Thanks to the HRSA RCORP Grant (The Health Resources and Services Administration Rural Communities Opioid Response Program), Wilson County Substance Prevention Coalition is able to distribute FREE medication lock boxes and medication disposal kits to residents and businesses in Wilson County.

The FREE distribution of cabinet locks and lock bags (as well as some of the lockboxes and disposal kits) is made possible in conjunction with the SPF-PFS (Strategic Prevention Framework – Partnerships for Success), SOR (State Opioid Response), and NCPUDI (The North Carolina Preventing Underage Drinking Initiative) grants.

Since March of 2020 our collaborative has distributed 1,421 medication lockboxes, 2,805 medication disposal kits, 650 cabinet locks, and 45 locking travel bags to our county's citizens. 

We are grateful for our collaborative and to say that Wilson County is working hard to “Lock Your Meds!” —Jeff Hill, Coalition Director

The Lock Your Meds Campaign has been a piece of our Coalition's work since 2017 and focuses around in-home/environmental prevention strategies, aimed at supplying the knowledge and materials a person would need to safely secure and monitor their medications within their home. 

We have always advocated for safe storage, but when COVID-19 brought stay at home orders into the mix, the sense of need and urgency around the matter escalated dramatically. 

Our collaborative, which is made up of over 40 county wide partners and their respective organizations, were able to use this urgency as a rallying cry and our community was there to answer the call.

Coalition Director, Jeff Hill, distributes lock boxes and other prevention items to patrons at the Wilson County Farmers Market. 

“My daughter has two boys who are on a lot of meds.  She uses the lock boxes to keep them from getting to their meds unnecessarily.  She says it gives her better control of how and when the meds are administered.” ~Delores

“I use my lock boxes to safely secure meds and keep them away from children.” ~Tracy

Coach George Drawhorn, a Wilson County resident and educator, stops by the WCSPC booth at the Wilson Farmers Market. (Left to right: Pamela Letchworth, WCSPC Data Coordinator; Jeff Hill, Coalition Director and his wife, Christina; Coach Drawhorn)

Since 2020, EMS has distributed over 30 PORT (Post Overdose Response Team) Kits to our community.

"Since 2020, the staff of Wilson County EMS has distributed over 30 PORT Kits to members of our community and their families who experience an Opioid Overdose event. A PORT Kit is a lock box that contains a medication disposal kit, naloxone, and other resources to prevent opioid overdoses. Our Post Overdose Response Team continues to focus on community outreach to those who suffer from substance misuse through follow-up calls and home visits." ~Kalif Ward, Clinical Affairs Officer, Wilson County EMS

Keep your medical supplies safe and secure with this 
Vaultz Locking Medicine Case.

FREE from WCSPC! Just give us a call at (252) 991-7267.

The Vaultz Locking Medicine Case features a sturdy design with chrome steel corners to help ensure it will be long-lasting, and a chrome handle for easy carrying. This Vaultz steel organizer includes elastic straps for holding syringes and a large mesh pocket to keep bottles in place. It also has a combination lock to secure the items inside. 

This case is ideal for preventing unauthorized use of your medications or other items in your household.

- Store, organize and protect your important medical supplies
- Roomy mesh pocket inside
- 4 elastic straps are ideal for syringes
- Locking case with removable zipper pouch
- Combination lock keeps contents secure
- Comfortable chrome handle for easy carrying
- Chrome-steel corners for strength and durability
- Medicine case should be kept out of reach of children at all times
- Dimensions: 5"H x 8.5"W x 2.8"D

Unused prescription drugs pose a risk of abuse and accidental poisoning, but improper disposal can harm the environment and contaminate our water supply.

Deterra Medication Disposal Kits are FREE at WCSPC! Just give us a call at (252) 991-7267.

"Deterra Pouches are a convenient, environmentally sound option for proper drug disposal right at home. The patented Deterra® System deactivates prescription drugs, pills, patches, liquids, creams and films. Deterra renders them inert, unavailable for misuse and safe for the environment. In a simple 3-step process, a user deactivates the drugs by putting them in a Deterra pouch or container, adding water, shaking and throwing it away. It’s truly that simple." For more information, visit the Deterra website

Take your Lock Your Meds® pledge today! Find out more information at the Lock Your Meds website or the Talk It Out website.

Ms. Keisha Atkinson poses with a lock box and disposal kit at the Wilson County Senior Center.

Jeff Hill, Coalition Director, is seen with a staff member at The Spot where he left lock boxes and disposal kits for the families they serve.

Staff members from Hospice of Wilson Medical Center

The WCSPC would like to thank the City Government of Wilson, NC and the Wilson Police Department for inviting our Coalition to National Night Out at the Whirligig Park on August 10, 2021.

Last night alone, the Coalition was able to distribute:

- 101 Medication Lockboxes, 49 Medication Locking Travel Bags

- 26 Cabinet/Refrigerator Locks, & 53 in-home Medication Disposal Kits for a total of 229 prevention items that are now actively being used within the community!

We'd also like to give a HUGE shoutout to our community for stopping by our booth to pick up medication lockboxes, disposal kits, and some other cool swag! We're grateful for everyone who stopped by our table and for those who agreed to join our Coalition as #PartnersInPrevention!

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