First Responder Training Series Evaluation Report

The Mental Health Addiction and Recovery Services (MHARS) Board of Lorain County currently conducts a monthly training called the First Response Training Series. Topics of these trainings range every month including the status of the opioid epidemic, Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT) and its different types, crisis awareness, the science of addiction, implicit bias, stories of recovery and many more. Speakers for these trainings include experts in Lorain County as well as well-connected advocates throughout the state of Ohio. This training is offered to all in Lorain County, specifically focused for first responders to the opiate epidemic. This report highlights the evaluations completed at the end of each of these trainings and include the following: how many attended/completed evaluations, their level of knowledge/confidence before and after the training, the highlights/relevance, the speaker's ability to present this information and demographic information of the attendees. Lastly, if a graph is blank when filtering by training, that question was not asked in the evaluation (i.e. if only one speaker presented, etc.) 

This report is designed to filter by each training (currently in order from oldest to newest training). This can be done by filtering the button below "Filter by Training"

This data dashboard was updated on 3/24/2021
This data dashboard is updated on a monthly basis after each training


Law enforcement officers, EMS Personnel, Quick Response Team Members, Chemical Dependency Counselors, Caseworkers, Counselors, Social Workers, Probation Officers, Peer Supporters, Medical Personnel, Faith Based Personnel, Veterans, Teachers, Business Leaders, Community Members, Families of Persons in Recovery, Persons in Recovery.




Please note that after May 2020, if there were multiple speakers, they were collectively evaluated together due to the limitations of the GotoWebinar software. 

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The data dashboards and medication safes are supported through the Mental Health, Addiction and Recovery Services Board of Lorain County via Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration: Award #SP 080284 First Response - Comprehensive Addiction and Recovery Act Cooperation Agreement.